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  • Karin Combs (Sunday, August 06 17 03:24 pm EDT)

    We are so thankful for finding a boarding "home" our dogs at Davis Kennels! We have small dogs. A Jack Russell Terrier and a Peek-a-poo. They RUN to the kennel when we get there. That tells us something - they like it there. The kennel is first rate! That says something about the owners. Thank you SO much for always taking great care of our dogs!

  • Jim & Deb (Wednesday, June 29 16 03:36 pm EDT)

    Bill and Chris,
    Just a quick update with Chase.It has been a week now.You were Right.She is a changed dog.No more jumping,or biting.She walks on the lead great,and listens much better.She still has her puppy moments
    but don't we all.Deb and I can't Thank You enough for all the work you put into her.We have referred 2 of our friends too you ,both Lab pups .Hope you have a Great Summer.We may drop her off in
    October for 2 weeks of boarding .She real likes it there.Again Thanks for taking such good care of her.Jim &Deb

  • Quincey (Monday, May 23 16 09:12 pm EDT)

    Hi Bill,
    Adams is doing great! So far he is kept up with heeling on leash, and doesn't pull with reinforcement. He is an absolute joy to walk now! We have also been practicing "sit" and "here" when I feed him
    breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can not thank you enough for your help - it is clear that he has improved tremendously! He has an appointment with the groomer next weekend so we will be sure to send


  • Theresa & Jonathan Ball (Tuesday, July 14 15 02:57 pm EDT)

    Bill worked with Rebel our 7-month old Belgian Malinios who was getting hard to handle. After 3 weeks of training Rebel is a whole new dog. All the problem areas were corrected & listens to
    commands. We needed the foundation & Bill provided us that. Received updates & pictures of how Rebel was doing. I highly recommend Bill.

  • Jay Scott (Thursday, November 27 14 05:16 pm EST)


    He is doing very well! He has done great on his commands and walking and is much better around the house. Thank you for your help. I will recommend your services to many friends.

  • Cooper (Thursday, November 27 14 02:18 pm EST)

    I have a 6 month old Golden that I was struggling with to train. Lots of trouble with \"recall\". After the 3 weeks OB training with Davis he is doing great!! The price is one of the best around! I
    will bring future dogs to him.

  • Kyle & Kerri Fink (Thursday, October 02 14 05:49 am EDT)

    Took my 3 pups here and it was the first time my wife and I left them and a kennel. After we picked them up all 3 are out. This place did a amazing job on making sure you have an update on them.

  • Casey Slater (Monday, September 16 13 03:46 pm EDT)

    Bill and Chris did a fantastic job with our 4 month old lab, Marshal. When we brought him home after two weeks of obedience training it was like a completely different dog. He walks on a lease so
    much better, he is leaving stuff along in the house, sits until told otherwise, and over all just a calmer dog. I always received pictures and updates from Bill. Marshal and all our future dogs will
    always go to Bill and Chris. Thanks for taking such good care of our little one!
    Casey and Beau Slater

  • Sharon Pooley (Tuesday, September 03 13 09:11 am EDT)

    Hi Bill and Chris,

    Thank you for taking such great care of Sidney and the excellent training. She is doing really well at home. We walked her on Sunday and Monday and she did great. Has also been doing well with the
    commands here, and sit. We are very pleased J

  • James K (Tuesday, September 03 13 08:14 am EDT)

    I knew it would be a lot of work training Bailey. But you did awesome
    work. I've recommended you to several of my friends, and would say the same to anyone that visits your website

 Hi Bill and Chris,

We wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that Sami is doing great. You both did a great job training her. She has been doing great with all of us on healing, Sit, and Stay. She does get excited when she sees new people and we continue to work on that. She also is very good at coming when we say hear.

Thank you for the great work, she is so enjoyable to be with.

I have referred you a couple of people at my gym. Hopefully you will hear from them.

We will be in touch when we are going out of town to schedule Sami to visit.


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Took Bo to Killdeer Plains yesterday. He did pretty good for his first hunt. Wasn't quite sure what to do with those roosters at  first. Eventually (bird number 3) he flushed one and I shot it and he retrieved it. Thought you would enjoy they photos--we got 4 roosters and didn't start hunting there until noon.  Bruce and Bo

Bill......You would have been proud yesterday...we a crippled goose go down about 125 yards out. Gave Kane a line and he was on him and he ran down the bird as it was running away trying to fly. I was very proud. It is amazing how much more confidence he gains on every retrieve.

When I first met Bill it was at his house where he put Sonny through some tests to see where he was at and to see if Sonny had some sort of retriever in him...Sonny passed and in my mind so did Bill. Shortly thereafter, Bill had Sonny full time in training. Sonny had some training scars left by my lack of knowledge and experience in training a retriever which included the most scariest of all...Sonny was scared of the water. It only took Bill a couple of training sessions to work this out of Sonny which included Bill getting in the water with him. Bill then took Sonny, who was scared of the water, all the way to his started title. My family and I attended Sonny’s final show in Indiana where Sonny received his HRC Started Title and where I got wet. Thanks again Bill for a job well done. See you in April when I will be dropping Sonny off for another round of training to bring Sonny to the next level.
Bill H  

Bill, a few pics from Grand Lake. Cody did far better than I could have hoped at this point. Thanks, Rick  

 This note is overdue...I've been having so much fun with my new well- trained and well-mannered puppy that I haven't had a minute to tell you and Chris, - Thank You!

Hamish is a listener! He is such a good boy now! He heeds his commands 99% of the time! And has mastered "down", because I actually work with him now! You helped me understand the importance of that and I
appreciate the training my family received as well!

Your Kennel and your training methods are unparalleled. You'll be seeing us again for sure!
Thank You!   Kerstin H.  



Kenai is doing really well. He is now heeling without a leash! He did learn how to jump over the fence last week. He wanted to go visit the lady who was running down the street with her dog. He then went down the street to a house that had a bunch of kids outside. We finally caught him. He is also so much better in the house while we are gone all day. He is not nearly as hyper when we get home. Thank you so much for all of your help with him. He is definately a changed dog. Have a good evening.


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